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Tai Phat Laboratory Supply Ltd., has many years’ experience in the supply and installation of equipment - scientific instruments, consumables and chemicals for laboratories in the Healthcare services - Education, Research and Production (Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Fishery,…).

* Products:

  • Esco – Singapore: Biological Safety Cabinets, Fume Hoods, Laboratory Ovens, Incubators, Deep Freezers, Cleanroom Equipments System, PCR,…
  • IKA – Germany: Rotary Evaporators, Dispersers, Overhead stirrers, Magnetic stirrers, Shakers, Mills, Calorimeters,…
  • Whatman – UK: Filter paper, Membranes Filtration, Syringe filters, FTA Cards, 903 Specimen Collection Paper,…
  • Duran – Germany: Glasswares for lab (bottles, erlenmeyer flasks, petri dishes, test tubes, measuring cylinders, burettes, filter funnels,…)
  • KNF – Germany: Vacuum pumps, Metering pumps, Vacumm System for lab.
  • Memmert – Germany: Laboratory Ovens, Incubators, Water Baths, …
  • Gerber – Germany: Specialized equippments for the dairy industry (milk centrifuges, colony counter, freezing point measurement, …).
  • Atago – Japan: Hand-held Refractometers, Digital Refractometers (Auto, type Abbe), Polarimeter (Auto, Semi-Auto), In-line Brix Monitor.
  • Ceti – UK: Optical microscopes, fluorescence microscopes, stereo microscopes,…
  • Sturdy – Taiwan: Autoclave sterilizers for Labs, Clinics and Hospitals.
  • Kartell – Italia: Plasticwares for lab (test tubes, centrifugal tubes, microtips, Inoculation loops, petri dishes,…).
  • Boeco – Germany: Analytical balances, Precision balances, Shakers, … and labwares (measuring cylinders, burettes, micro slides, PCR tubes, centrifugal tubes,…).
  • Assistent – Germany: Labwares (volume capillaries, micro slides, cover glasses, thermometers, hydrometers, dispensers,…).
  • Hirschmann – Germany: Labwares (volumetric flasks, erlenmeyer flasks, pipets, dispensers, micropipettes,…).
  • Merck – Germany: Analytical chemicals for lab
  • Hereaus – Germany: Crucibles, Dishes of precious metal (Pt, Au, Ni,…)

* Services:

  • Installation – Operation scientific instruments
  • Warranty – Maintenance – Repair
  • Consultant – Design  & Accommodate the Lab